Can We Use Strategy To Play Keno?

Well… No. The game works randomly. Of course, as with most other game structures, the more you bet the more you get paid back, but it’s just like a lottery, the chance to win a jackpot is literally a huge draw which in itself is the reason why the Keno players are so attracted to him.

The element of luck brings great joy to winners! A person who plays for the first time has the same chance of winning as someone who has played the game for 10 years.

And all numbers have an equal chance of being selected, with the exception of consecutive numbers, as each of them has one more chance of being selected than its predecessors. But that in itself is too insignificant to actually be considered a disadvantage, as players pick their numbers at once at the start of the game.

It would also be great to choose those online Keno tables that offer progressive jackpots, that way your winnings at that table can really be bigger.

Online Keno – Verdict

It’s a fantastic game to play that works really well online. With online Keno, hours of fun are guaranteed, wherever and whenever you want and with minimal effort.

If you’re a player who doesn’t like complicated odds to calculate, you prefer games that start and end quickly and don’t like having to know too many rules. All this with a complete random number generator that ensures security and stability, then online Keno is definitely the game for you!

Keno’s Ancient History

Around 200 BC, ancient Chinese scrolls tell of a ruler, Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty , who invented a game similar to Keno.

The story goes that the city of Leung was involved in the war for many years and was running out of money and supplies. The myth claims that the citizens of Mr. Leung’s town no longer wanted to contribute to war funds.

To generate cash for groceries, Mr. Leung invented a game similar to Keno, except that instead of using 80 numbers, he used 120 symbols. The game was an immediate success and helped save the city.

Keno is also reputed to have helped finance the construction of the Great Wall of China. In ancient China, Keno used to be known as the White Pigeon game. Apparently, carrier pigeons were used to deliver the winning numbers from the big city to the small village.